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    Private Property Services

    We provide Volusia County and the surrounding area with dependable private property services. The parking spaces and driveways intended for your customers, residents and guests should be reserved for their use. You shouldn’t have to put up with others abusing or blocking access to parking from those.

    Trust us to facilitate private property services safely and with accuracy. Our team of towing experts promptly removes and impound improperly parked vehicles from your property and within our legal rights to do so.

    Forensic Recovery

    Our crane truck is a flatbed tow truck equipped with a high capacity crane to safely remove everything from vehicles to equipment and even construction material without touching the contents inside the vehicle. Forensic recovery may be needed during a few different situations such as accidents involving DUI, property damage, personal injury or death.

    Insurance companies need to know everything that happened during any accident involving the vehicles, equipment or materials they insure. Our experts record details such as the location of the incident, points of impact, and take note of the damage caused during the accident.

    Our towing experts specialize in incident evidence preservation. No matter the enormity of the incident or extent of the damage, we can employ forensic recovery to complete the entire job or disturbing any evidence.

    Car and Truck Towing Service

    Volusia County Towing specializes in providing tows to residents and visitors to Volusia County.  Our fleet is capable of towing vehicle from light and medium duty to heavy duty too. We tow passenger cars and trucks as well as offer heavy duty truck towing! Schedule a regular tow by contacting our dispatch and giving us the details of the job on your hands. 

    Accident Recovery

    Our fleet is available 24/7 to tend to emergency situations in and around Holy Hill, such as auto accidents. We’re proud to serve Volusia County and the surrounding areas with reliable accident recovery. Towing light duty, medium duty and heavy duty vehicles, we can take on wrecks of any size. Call Volusia County Towing anytime for 24-hour accident recovery!

    4x4 Recovery

    When your truck goes off-road, call Volusia County Towing for 4x4 Recovery. Our operators are trained and experienced in 4x4 off-road recoveries. Equipped with the latest in recovery gear, we are prepared to pull vehicles from even the toughest spots. Always standing by to provide you with 24-hour service. Go off-road in Volusia County? Trust us to safely remove your truck from peril!


    Winching allows us to hook up a wire with incredible weight capacity to your vehicle to aide in its recovery. Our professional recovery crew employs the use of winching in many scenarios, including off-road recovery, or removing vehicles from bodies of water like lakes and canals.

    Load Swaps

    When your truck has suffered a breakdown, call us for the most careful and quick load swaps. After collecting details of the contents of your trailer or flatbed, we’ll arrive prepared to safely remove and transfer all items onto a secondary vehicle for transport. Volusia County Towing reserves specialty equipment specifically for load swapping.


    It’s happened to practically everyone. You shut the car door—only to realize that you’ve locked the keys inside. Call us whenever you need lockout service. Our roadside assistance team is standing by to help you get back into the vehicle in no time, and with no damage to your vehicle. When you’re locked out of the car, Volusia County Towing is the key!


    Dead batteries will kill your drive. You can stand on the side of the road, hoping someone has the heart (and the cables) to jumpstart your car, but who knows when that will be. Call Volusia County Towing anytime to bring your car battery back to life. Our roadside assistance team will jumpstart you on the rest of your journey.

    Tire Changes

    You never really know how long a tire will last. When your ride is interrupted by a flat tire, call us to quickly remedy the situation. Just give us a few details about your vehicle and our roadside assistance technicians will arrive on the scene totally prepared for a tire change. Whenever your tires burst, make Volusia County Towing your first choice for roadside assistance.


    Our crane can be used to lift heavy items and raise them or lower them to where ever you need. Equipped with a crane truck, our team can hoist large A/C units onto roof tops and or remove boats from trailers and into or out of the water. Volusia County Towing can fulfill a long list of services with our crane equipment, call us today to request crane service.